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M. Lee Stone Fine Prints, Inc.

M. Lee Stone Fine Prints, Inc. has been in business since 1976. We been assisting collectors and museums with the purchase fine American works of art on paper. Our area of expertise is in American art that spans the 20th and 21st century. We have a representative inventory of important artists with a focus on WPA and depression era, social commentary, Chicano artists, industrial and cityscapes as well as the themes of men and woman working. We have numerous other subjects in our inventory.

Along with this general inventory the collector will also find a fine selection of important African American art.

We are always interested in purchasing American art individually or in estates.

M. Lee Stone Fine Prints, Inc. is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association,, a professional organization dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards for fine print dealers.

We have the following artist's work in our inventory, as well as many others:

Ida Abelman
Irving Amen
Peggy Bacon
Louis Barlow
Will Barnet
Frederick G. Becker
Cecil C. Bell
Thomas Hart, Benton
Abe Blashko
Julius Bloch
Julius Thelgen Bloch
Helen Green Blumenshein
Robert W. Brown
Bernard Brussel-Smith
Eleanor C. Buxton
Letterio Calapai
Minna Citron
Minna Wright Citron
Glen Coleman
Richard V., Correll
Miguel Covarrubias
John Stuart Curry
Pele DeLappe
Ralph Della-Volpe
Nicholas R. Dunphy
Mabel Dwight
Fritz Eichenberg
Philip Evergood
Mark Freeman
Isac Friedlander
Juan R. Fuentes
Wanda Gag
Michael J. Gallagher
Todros Geller
Hugo Gellert
Boris Gorelick
Harry Gottlieb
William Gropper
Jolan Gross-Bettelheim
Robert Gwathmey
Hildegarde Haas
John Haley
Paul Hartzell
Arthur Hazelwood
Riva Helfond
Helen West Heller
Hilaire Hiler
Stefan Hirsch
Winslow, Homer
John Langley Howard
Billy Morrow, Jackson
George Josimovich
Jacob Kainen
Harold E. Keeler
Charles Keller
Orpha Mae Klinker
Stanley Koppel
Theodore (Ted), Kraynick
Barbara Latham
Herschel Levit
Jeannette Maxfield Lewis
Charles W. Locke
Margaret, Lowengrund
Louis Lozowick
Sally Nusbaum Maissel
Kyra Markham
Jack Markow
Merritt Mauzey
Leo John Meissner
Ben Messick
William Meyerowitz
Kenneth Hayes Miller
Eugene Morley
James Penny
Martin Peterson
Jr., Carl E. Pickhardt
Angelo. Pinto
Salvatore Pinto
Joe Price
Saul Jacob Rabino
Byron Randall
Donato (Dan/Don) Rico
Boardman Robinson
Ruth Starr Rose
Charolette Rothstein
Jr., James E. Routh
Michael (Jose Miguel) Ruelas
Georges Schreiber
Ben Shahn
Palmer Shoppe
Lawrence Beall Smith
Moses Soyer
Benton M. Spruance
Benton Murdoch Spruance
Bonnie Stone
Charles Surrendorf
David Tim
James B. Turnbull
James Baree Turnbull
Charles Turzak
Joseph Vogel
Herman Volz
Herman R. Volz
Herman R., Volz
Joseph Paul Vorst
Lynd K. Ward
Edward Arthur Wilson
Vernon Clint, Witham
Maurice Yochim
Gyula Zilzer
Santos Zingale
Clarence Edward Zuelch

We represent the following artists or their estates:

Casper Banjo
Elizabeth Catlett
Ralph A. Chesse
Richard V. Correll
Don Freeman
Juan R. Fuentes (Chicano)
Louise Gilbert
Leon Gilmour
J. Jay McVicker
Esther C. Meyer
Elizabeth Norton
Mildred Rackley
James Routh
Prentiss Taylor

We have a special interest in African-American art and have work by the following African-American artists:

Casper Banjo
Margaret Taylor Burroughs
Elizabeth Catlett
Ralph A. Chesse
Jr., Frederick D. Jones
Yvonne Cole Meo
Winfred Rembert
John Woodrow Wilson
We are members of the International Fine Print Dealers Association.

We will be happy to supply photos and any additional information that you may request. Please e-mail me at