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Many of these works have not been available for some 30 to 40 years. We hope you enjoy these images and the information provided.

We Have A Claim by Abelman, Ida York
Abelman, Ida York (1910-2002)
We Have A Claim, c.1939
Frenzied Effort (The Whitney Studio Club) by Bacon, Peggy
Bacon, Peggy (1895-1988)
Frenzied Effort (The Whitney Studio Club), 1925
Strike (Mine Strike) by Benton, Thomas Hart,
Benton, Thomas Hart, (1899-1975)
Strike (Mine Strike), 1933
Descending by Bibel, Leon
Bibel, Leon (1913-1995)
Descending, 1938
The Crash by Bryson, Bernarda (Shahn)
Bryson, Bernarda (Shahn) (1903-2004)
The Crash, 1929
Uptown Theater Picket Line by DeLappe, Pele
DeLappe, Pele (1916-2007)
Uptown Theater Picket Line, 1945
To Work by Freeman, Don,
Freeman, Don, (1908-1978)
To Work, 1938
Diversion (Brooklyn Bar),  by Friedlander, Isac
Friedlander, Isac (1890-1968)
Diversion (Brooklyn Bar), , 1939
Bowery L by Jacobi, Eli
Jacobi, Eli (1898-1984 )
Bowery L, c.1935
Transportation (Modern Times) by Mahl, Claire Moore
Mahl, Claire Moore (1910-1988)
Transportation (Modern Times),
Fifth Avenue by Rackley, Mildred,
Rackley, Mildred, (1906-1992)
Fifth Avenue, 1939.
Industrial Disease #1- Silicosis by Rico, Donato F. (Don)
Rico, Donato F. (Don) (1912-1985)
Industrial Disease #1- Silicosis, 1933.
Jazz Babies,(Paul Whiteman's Band) by Schloemann, Margaret
Schloemann, Margaret ()
Jazz Babies,(Paul Whiteman's Band), 1930s, Woodcut.
God Made The Integers All The Rest Is The Work of Man by Schuster, Mary,
Schuster, Mary, ()
God Made The Integers All The Rest Is The Work of Man, 1939
Gas Factory by Schwartz, William S.
Schwartz, William S. (1896-1977)
Gas Factory, 1928
The Telephone Call by Smith, William E.,
Smith, William E., (1913-1997)
The Telephone Call, 1940.
American Scene, (America),  by Turnbull, James B.
Turnbull, James B. (1909-1976)
American Scene, (America), , 1936.