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Many of these works have not been available for some 30 to 40 years. We hope you enjoy these images and the information provided.
Antilynching art from 1930-1965 — An exhibition
The term “lynching” supposedly originated during the American Revolution with Colonel Charles Lynch, a VA justice of the peace. Lynch ordered “extra legal punishment” for British Loyalists, hanging without a trial. From this period we have the terms Lynch’s Law and lynching.
Women Printmakers (1930-1960)
We are pleased to present a representative group of American women printmakers whose work spans an historic period in the graphic arts.
Bonnie Stone
Bonnie Stone’s jewel-like watercolors have been called intellectual puzzles which challenge the imagination and delight the eye and mind.
J. Jay McVicker (1911-2004)
J. Jay McVicker was a master of aquatint medium in black and white and especially in color. His mixed media images were unique in his use of color and cutouts to enchant the viewer.
Joe Price: Serigrapher Extraordinaire
22, 67, 90, 106 screens per print and editions up to 100 prints. Joe Price created serigraphs (silkscreens) as no other artist before or after him.
Don Freeman: A Centennial Celebration & other American Masters
we are celebrating this painter, printmaker, author and illustrator of numerous children’s books on the 100th anniversary of his birth with a retrospective of his numerous and varied achievements.
Ralph Chesse (1900-1991)
A Rediscovered African American Printmaker
Casper Banjo (1937 - 2008)
Casper Banjo, born in Memphis in 1937, died tragically in Oakland, California, his long time home, on March 14, 2008. The outlines of the story of Casper’s death were widely reported in local media. He was shot to death by a police rifleman at the shopping mall near his house. The police say that he was holding what turned out to be a replica gun. The details of his death may never be known.
Recent Aquisitions 2007
With a new year upon us we felt it was again time for another exhibition of recent acquisitions. We have gathered a fine selection and somewhat eclectic group of fine prints and drawings for this exhibition.
Seven Voices: African American Images (1946 - 2006)
This exhibition brings together seven African American artists with their individual Black experiences offering a variety of styles, content and storytelling by Elizabeth Catlett b.1915, Margaret T. Burroughs b.1917, Charles Criner b.1945, Marie Johnson-Calloway b.1920, Lionel Lofton b.1954, Rose Piper (1917-2005) and Winfred Rembert b.1945.
Prints from the WPA
On October 29, 1929 the New York stock market crashed, heralding the longest and most severe economic calamity in modern U.S. history - the Great Depression. The prosperity and optimism of the 1920's came to a resounding halt in the ensuing panic. Unemployment rose unchecked until March 1933, when 14 million workers, one-fourth of the total labor force, were jobless.
Richard V. Correll (1904 - 1990)
Artist Richard V. Correll was described as "one of the leading masters of printmaking in the West", was best known for his powerful black and white woodblock and linoleum prints, etchings and lithographs.
30th Anniversary Catalogue
In celebration of our 30th anniversary we have issued a catalogue of American Master prints and drawings. Many of these images are very RARE. This is only a survey of the 126 images illustrated in the paper version of our catalogue. To order this fully illustrated catalogue send us your mailing information along with $5 (includes mailing).
Hildegarde Haas (1926 - 2002) - American Modernist Rediscovered - A Retrospective
M. Lee Stone Fine Prints, Inc. is proud to offer this exhibition of the works of Hildegarde Haas. This exhibition is the first retrospective of her color woodcuts. Her oeuvre consists of a total of 57 woodcuts between 1947 and 1953 and one print in 1957. There are also several paintings that relate to her woodcut designs included in this exhibition.
Elizabeth Catlett (1946 - 2001) - Works on Paper
M. Lee Stone Fine Prints, Inc. is proud to offer a selection of prints by Elizabeth Catlett, one of the most important African-American artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Don Freeman - Rare Lithographs from the Estate of Don Freeman
Don Freeman has been known for his ability to infuse his lithographs of the daily existence of the common man with humanity as well as a heart warming sense of humor. He honed his talents and technique from several masters of American art, John Sloan, Harry Wickey and Charles Locke, while studying at the Art Students League in New York.
Piper & Rembert
M. Lee Stone Fine Prints, Inc. in association with The College of Lake County's Robert T Wright Gallery of Art in Grayslake, IL will feature the artwork of these two African American artists. Their diverse origins, training and styles make this an especially interesting exhibit.